Victoria Hospital Miracle Garden

Help pave the way to healing.

Our Miracle Garden is a special place of comfort and healing for patients, staff and our community. It is a peaceful environment that is uniquely designed to feed the spirit and nurture physical, mental and spiritual health.

This award-winning community space offers refuge, relaxation and recovery for people of any age and ability. The sights and sounds of nature engage our senses, stimulating self-renewal and healing the mind, body and spirit.

Our Miracle Garden offers a beautiful and restorative environment for our community to come together and enjoy the outdoors. It is a tranquil space for patients and families to enjoy a private visit and for staff to relax on a break. Patients receiving treatment in the Buhler Cancer Centre benefit from a peaceful and private view to support their healing and recovery. The Miracle Garden is a healing and serene environment full of life, light, inspiration and renewal.



Keep the miracles growing!

icon-handheartYou can help us preserve this special place of hope and healing so our patients, staff and community can enjoy it for years to come.

Make a one-time gift or purchase a paving stone to create a lasting memory in The Victoria Hospital Miracle Garden. You can personalize your stone to honour a family member, loved one or celebrate a special occasion or event.