“I wanted my gift to make a positive impact on the entire team.”
– Linda Mozol

When Linda Mozol had a fall in October 2012, she thought she had only suffered a minor injury.

“My arm hurt, but I was told it was no big deal and to just keep it in a sling,” said Linda.

Linda continued to experience pain over the next two years and an MRI revealed the damage was severe. Her rotary cuff was clinging and not moving. Linda underwent a shoulder operation in October 2014 and began physiotherapy at Victoria Hospital a few months later.

Linda was taken aback by the positive atmosphere in the physiotherapy department.

“I was in agony when I first went in, but everyone was so uplifting and encouraging,” says Linda. “We were like a big family. We all cheered each other up a bit and asked each other how we were doing.”

Linda worked hard with her physiotherapist Jenna for many months. In October 2015, Linda required a knee replacement and continued to work with Jenna on her knee as well as her shoulder.

“Jenna and the entire physiotherapy team are just incredible,” said Linda. “The staff and volunteers are so patient, caring and compassionate.”

As Linda was nearing the end of her physiotherapy, she began to think about how she could show her gratitude.

“I saw a man give the team a bag of oranges on his last day, so I started thinking: how should I say thank you?” says Linda.

Ultimately, Linda decided to make a gift in support of the hospital’s physiotherapy department to Victoria Hospita lFoundation.

“I know some people give candies and chocolate but I wanted to get them something they really needed,” says Linda. “I wanted my gift to make a positive impact on the entire team.”