Help Patients Heal & Recover

Hospital stays are hard on patients and their families. During their stay, patient rooms become much more than spaces with beds and medical equipment. For patients, they're bedrooms, dining rooms and healing spaces. For families, living rooms that may double as bedrooms or offices. For staff, workspaces for treatment, education and counselling.

Research shows that well-designed patient rooms often lead to increased patient satisfaction rates, fewer accidents, lower infection rates, decreases in pain medication, and shorter stays.

We have begun to upgrade the rooms on the 5th floor of The Vic to improve patient care and comfort, but we need your help to invest in the furnishings necessary to support patients and their families. These new furnishings include a comfortable high back patient chair specially designed to encourage healthy sitting posture, a handy bedside cabinet with accessible storage, and an overbed table that provides easy access to personal hygiene items.

"Getting patients out of bed and into a chair is really important to healing," says Gillian Crymble, Manager of Patient Care. "We want to do everything we can to get people back to their homes with the supports they need. Part of that is being able to mimic a home environment. We need patients in hospital to be able to get up and have lunch in a chair or at a table which ultimately promotes returning home."

Our Need: These essential furnishings require a total investment of $105,000 to ensure this environment is as comfortable as possible for patients and families.

Our patients count on us. We count on you! Give patients comfort during their healing journey, and help us help them return home sooner.

Every dollar you give brings us one step closer to improving the care and comfort of patients on the 5th floor.

icon-handheartPlease donate now and give as generously as possible. Your gift will advance patient care at The Vic, and support healthier futures for us all.

“We want our patients to know that they are important to us, and worthy of an investment in their care and comfort.”

Gillian Crymble, Manager of Patient Care

“Sometimes concerned family members never leave their parent's side. A comfortable chair to sleep in can make all the difference.”

Rochelle Molino, Nurse

"With a new table, everything our patients need is in reach. They feel more in control, and more like themselves."

Nikko Dayrit, Nurse