Victoria Hospital: A Centre of Excellence for Mental Health

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Victoria Hospital has become a Centre of Excellence for Mental Health, with expanded treatment and counselling spaces now available for patients living with mental illness.

These enhancements enable Victoria Hospital to offer the full spectrum of adult mental health care in a newly-renovated space that can now accommodate 75 patients. The upgrades provide a more comfortable environment for patients and families in order to better meet their needs.

Many of our province's top mental health professionals are now located at Victoria Hospital, creating a critical mass of skills and expertise to allow for increased collaboration and innovation. 

"These improvements will help our team provide better and more timely care for patients living with mental illness in order to promote their recovery," said Dr. Sherief El-Gaaly, Medical Site Director of Mental Health.

According to a recent report by the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, 28 per cent of Manitobans are living with at least one mental illness. It is estimated that many more live without being diagnosed, without seeking help, and without being aware of their condition.