$200,000 Wi-Fi Investment Helps Patients Stay Connected

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In August 2016, Alice Osborne was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and began receiving chemotherapy treatment at The Vic. It was at times an isolating experience, and on many occasions she expressed to her husband Terry how much she wished the hospital had Wi-Fi available.

"It would have made her six and seven hour days in the chemo chair a little more bearable to be able to chat with friends and family. This was so compelling to me that there and then I pledged to donate to that exact cause," recalls Terry.

Although she fought valiantly, Alice passed away in March 2017. She was just 64. Though heavy with grief, Terry did not forget his late wife's wish of establishing Wi-Fi for the patients to follow.

"In her obituary, we asked for donations to be made for that exact purpose, to help ease the suffering of those undergoing boring chemo days," says Terry. "If I could make going through the chemo process a little better for others, then this was a small thing to do."

Thanks to the incredible support of our community, The Vic Foundation has invested $200,000 in Wi-Fi technological upgrades at Victoria Hospital to help patients and families like the Osbornes stay connected to loved ones while in hospital.

Patients often experience feelings of loneliness, boredom and isolation during a hospital stay. Keeping in close contact with loved ones helps patients to counter these feelings so they can focus on their healing and recovery. From checking email and paying bills to managing school and work responsibilities, access to Wi-Fi helps patients and families stay connected to what matters most and keep up with their daily lives.

Wi-Fi at The Vic will improve access to the vital education and resources that enable staff to provide the best care possible, while creating an optimal learning environment for the hundreds of students and residents at our hospital. These essential upgrades will ensure The Vic is equipped for future advancements in wireless healthcare innovations.