New Television Investment Supports Patient Comfort

The COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly difficult for patients. Due to visitor restrictions, they are unable to see family and friends, which can be a lonely and isolating experience.

In the days following the onset of the pandemic, The Vic Foundation launched a one-year program to fund TV rental costs for patients. This service provided comfort, relaxation and entertainment to those separated from their loved ones. This year, we are refocusing our efforts to improve the comfort of patients both now and in the future.

By virtue of the generosity of our supporters, The Vic Foundation recently invested $260,000 to upgrade all patient televisions at The Vic. The new TVs will provide a much nicer and much-needed connection to the outside world, while also acting as a source of comfort, respite, and recreation to support the mental well-being of patients. Television service will be available to patients at a daily rate.

“Not only do these new televisions act as a lifeline for patients, but the improved quality also ensures TV-viewing is a much more enjoyable experience,” said Charlene Rocke, Executive Director of The Vic Foundation. “These TVs will provide patients with a welcome distraction from health concerns.”

All 119 patient televisions at The Vic on the 4th and 5th floors will be upgraded in March, ensuring patients have access to this special source of comfort for years to come.