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New Research To Improve Care For Older Adults Living With Mental Health Concerns

Mood disorders such as anxiety and depression are very common, with an estimated 23 per cent of Manitobans being affected according to a report from the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy. The majority of people with diagnosable mental health disorders do not seek treatment, with older adults being especially unlikely to seek treatment.

A Legacy of Helping Others: The Story of Elizabeth Chan

Elizabeth Chan was someone who believed in the importance of helping others. It is a philosophy that her entire family lived by, and it’s the way that Elizabeth wanted to be remembered.

Staff Reflections - Karen Retha

The global pandemic of COVID-19 challenged even the most seasoned Infection Control Professional. A new emerging pathogen where information about its transmission and prevention was being released at what seemed like a moment’s notice and changing at an immense speed. The sheer volume of information was very overwhelming. Just when you felt you had a good handle on what was what…another change.

Taking Care of Our Mental Health

Mental Health Week is taking place from May 2-8, 2022 and it serves as an opportunity for all of us to learn more about mental illness and share our experiences with each other. It is also a good reminder to think about our own mental well-being and how we are practicing self-care.

Women's Heart Health Prevention Program: Early Intervention Cardiovascular Care is at the Heart of Women’s Health

The Miracle Garden is a place of introspection, inspiration and innovation. So, it was the perfect setting for the recent launch of a social impact bond that will fund the newly developed Women’s Heart Health Prevention Program. The Government of Manitoba, Victoria Hospital Foundation, and Reh-Fit Centre are partnering with the goal of reducing heart disease for women in Manitoba through early intervention.