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Grateful For You

As summer winds down and we look ahead to fall, I find myself with so many reasons to be grateful. Above all, I am grateful for your ongoing support.

The Smiles Continue For Seniors and Students With The Success of Calls For Comfort

It’s a Friday afternoon at Victoria General Hospital Foundation and Fiona Awan’s generous smile overflows as she sits down to talk about her Calls For Comfort initiative and her eagerly anticipated Volunteer Manitoba award. Awan, a 17-year-old student at Fort Richmond Collegiate, is no stranger to volunteering. She’s a passionate and motivated young woman on a mission to spread cheer to others—volunteering her time on her school’s Student Council and with numerous other groups.

Our Community's Well-Being Is Crucial

My name is Elizabeth Marr and today I want you to know how inspired I am by the kindness of our community. As Chair of The Vic Foundation Board, I have to say I'm in a fortunate position. Because not only do I get of be part of facilitating great change in my home province, I also get to see how much further the Foundation team can improve healthcare each and every year.

Exercise is Medicine: The Importance of Physical Activity After the Pandemic

Decreasing COVID-19 case counts, meeting vaccination targets, and loosening health restrictions have been a great cause for hope and celebration in our province. Meanwhile, as we look forward to what life might look like post-pandemic, there remain many challenges ahead when it comes to our community health.

Creativity Helps Our Community Cope Through Lockdown

When Terisa paints, she feels like she’s meditating. She is focusing on what she is trying to create, deciding what colours to mix on her palette, and thinking of what emotions her painting is trying to evoke in others.