As a teen, Emily experienced major depression after a series of concussions from sport. Bouts of immense sadness, headaches and pain led to trouble concentrating and self-harm. She persisted, yet continued to struggle in law school, enduring more anxiety and stress, and every day became a bad day for Emily.


"My family, friends and my teachers tried to help me, but I was trapped in this awful cycle. I just didn't want to live any longer."


Emily came to Victoria Hospital with her mother, where after a comprehensive assessment, she received a new diagnosis and a change in her medication. She started in-patient group therapy and, once discharged, followed up with further treatment. Emily was determined not to let these obstacles prevent her from leading a meaningful and fulfilled life. With support from her family, friends and the caring staff at Victoria Hospital; she found the strength and courage to manage her symptoms and help others in their mental health recovery journey.


"Victoria Hospital gave me hope," said Emily. "My time there was a turning point that literally saved my life."


16 years after her journey started, Emily considers her life 'really good'. Emily graduated from law school, at which time she received an award in recognition of her determination and perseverance. Today she pays it forward as a volunteer with the WRHA Mental Health Advisory Committee. Emily's work touches the lives of countless individuals in our community who live with mental illness every day.

Mental Illnesses are now Manitoba's #1 Healthcare Issue

28% of adults in Manitoba are living with at least one mental illness. It is estimated that many more suffer without being diagnosed, without seeking help, and without being aware of their condition (MCHP Report: Mental Illness Among Adult Manitobans).



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There are hundreds of thousands of Manitobans like Emily and their families in need of mental health and counselling services - and with your help they can get the care they need, when they need it most.

Victoria Hospital is now home to a significant number of top mental healthcare professionals. This critical mass of strategic skills, knowledge and expertise will create synergies and innovations which will change the way we think about the care of patients and support for families struggling with mental health.

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"Our goal is to create ever-higher standards of excellence through increased awareness, acceptance, normalization and preparedness for what we will encounter," said Dr. Shawn Young, Chief Medical Officer. "Donor funding directly impacts the quality of in-patient treatment and out-patient programs that we are able to deliver at the hospital and in our community."


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