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New Team Room Helps to Bring Staff Together

Thanks to your generous support, the staff on the 5th floor of Victoria Hospital now have access to a renovated and refreshed “team room”. This space provides a dedicated space for staff to rest and recharge during their designated break times, yet keeps them nearby in case of an emergency.

Income Shouldn't be a Barrier to Health

Imagine for a moment, the people you cherish most in this world. Now, picture one of them, alone, unable to get up after a fall, facing moments of pure terror with no one to answer their calls for help. This isn't just a story; it was the scary reality for my mother, Joyce, and by extension, one of the worst days of my life.

Well4U Program Improves Access to Care in Manitoba

Thanks to you, the Well4U team was able to create an online series of videos, since the Covid-19 pandemic started and the classes could no longer be offered in person. Your generosity made the movement series accessible online, and funded everything that was needed to film the videos for the movement series,

New Research Investment Pilots Use of Artificial Intelligence To Improve Emergency Department Processes

Victoria Hospital Foundation and the Manitoba Medical Service Foundation have announced over $27,000 in funding to support new research examining the potential role of artificial intelligence in enhancing emergency department processes for improved patient care.