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Celebrated Winnipeggers to unite “Under The Big Top” in support of mental health

Come one, come all! Our 4th Annual Miracle Garden Party will be “Under The Big Top,” and it’s drawing quite the crowd. Many big-name Winnipeggers have already pledged their time and talent to support mental wellness in our community.

There Is No Health Without Mental Health

In the last 50 years, advances in the field of medicine have helped our understanding of the prevention, diagnosis and management of physical disease. The result? People are living longer as the average life expectancy in Canada is now 82 years of age.

World-Renowned Educator Trains Staff in Acclaimed Dementia Care Techniques

Through the generosity of The Vic Foundation's endowment fund supporters, more than 200 staff at Victoria Hospital and ACCESS Fort Garry attended educational workshops with world-renowned dementia care educator Teepa Snow.

Justin's Journey

During his teen years, Justin escaped a home environment filled with psychological and physical abuse. Somehow, he managed to remain in school. During his senior year, his teacher Tom discovered he had no secure home and he suffered from acute anxiety and depression.

$200,000 Wi-Fi Investment Helps Patients Stay Connected

Thanks to the incredible support of our community, The Vic Foundation has invested $200,000 in Wi-Fi technological upgrades at Victoria Hospital to help patients and families stay connected to loved ones while in hospital.