Stetefeld Inspirational Story

A Story of Compassionate Care

"The staff on Unit 4 South were angels, and I am grateful to be able to support the staff and families on this Unit."

- Brent Johnson

Stetefeld Inspirational Story

A Story of Empowerment & Comfort

"It was a nice boost to my spirits at the right time."

- Stephanie Stetefeld

Lowe Inspirational Story

A Story of Comfort & Support

"We had that bond and connection with staff and doctors."

- Darla Lowe

Carl Inspirational Story

Carl's Journey

"For my family, establishing an endowment was a way to give something back and pay tribute to The Vic's Oncology team."

 - Carl Pitura


A Story of Love and Compassion

"If I could make going through the chemo process a little better for others, then this was a small thing to do."

- Terry Osborne


A Place of Comfort & Solace

“Without a doubt this is the most rewarding experience I have been involved in throughout my volunteer years.”

– Connie Gray


A Story of Recovery & Gratitude

“I wanted my gift to make a positive impact on the entire team.”

– Linda Mozol


A Story of Care & Compassion

"One of the great things about The Vic is that it's a bit smaller, which I think makes it easier for the staff to be more caring, because you don't just get lost in the shuffle.”

– Gisele Solon