Education & Professional Development Grants 2024-2025

Thanks to the generosity of Victoria Hospital Foundation donors, Education & Professional Development Grants are are available to employees at Victoria Hospital, ACCESS Fort Garry, Victoria Hospital Foundation, Victoria Lifeline and physicians at these sites. Grants can be used to fund continuing education, leadership training, conferences and seminars. Since 2003, Victoria Hospital Foundation has awarded over $200,000 to support staff education.

Grant intake details for 2024-2025 are noted below:


Spring 2024

Applications accepted beginning         April 8, 2024
Deadline to submit an application       May 20, 2024
Applicants informed of decision by      July 5, 2024


Fall 2024

Applications accepted beginning         Sept. 9, 2024
Deadline to submit an application       Oct. 21, 2024
Applicants informed of decision by      Dec. 2, 2024


A limited number of grants will be awarded in each intake based on available funding.

Beginning in Fall 2023: For approved grants, VHF will fund up to 80% of the eligible education/PD costs and the staff member (grantee) will be required to pay the remaining costs.

Eligible staff can receive up to $5,000 in Education & PD Grant funding per fiscal year (to a maximum of $15,000 during their period of employment).

Recipients of grants over $1,000 must commit to a VH/AFG/VHF/VLL service requirement for a period of one (1) year following approval of the grant (Note: service requirement is waived if person is laid off after receiving funds).


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants must have a good work record and must be an employee of the Victoria Hospital (VH), ACCESS Fort Garry (AFG), Victoria Hospital Foundation (VHF), Victoria Lifeline (VLL) or a WRHA/Shared Health employee sited at VH or AFG. Physicians working in a contracted/fee for service role at one of these sites is also eligible.
  • Applicants must have provided service to an eligible site for a minimum of 1950 hours.
  • Applications from employees on LOA should be submitted after an employee returns to work.
  • Casual employees are not eligible.


Timing of Education/Professional Development

Applicants can apply for education/PD that has already occurred, however, the completion date must not be further back than one (1) year prior to the application date.

For upcoming education/PD, the education/PD must take place within the current fiscal year (April 1 - March 31). If the education/PD extends beyond the current fiscal year, only the funds for the portion taking place within the current fiscal year should be requested in the application. The applicant can submit another grant application in the following fiscal year(s) for any subsequent related costs.


Support from Direct Supervisor and Senior Leadership

Applicants require the support of their direct supervisor (e.g. Manager, Director, Chief Medical Officer) before they can complete the grant application submission process (instructions are provided within the grant applications). Complete applications with supervisor support will be sent by VHF to senior leadership at VH/AFG/VHF/VLL for their review. Once senior leadership approval is received, VHF will consider the funding request.


Reimbursement Process

Applicants approved for a grant will need to pay for the education or PD upfront and will be reimbursed by the Foundation once the education or professional development has been completed.

Proof of completion and payment receipts must be submitted within two (2) months of the end date of the approved education or professional development. Note: Only one (1) Reimbursement Request can be submitted (ie. all proof of completion and payment related to the grant would need to be submitted at the same time).


Funding Criteria

Applications will be reviewed on basis of the value of the education/PD grant to the individual and the respective site and include consideration of the following:

  • Will the opportunity enhance performance in the applicant's current (or new job) at VH/AFG/VHF/VLL?
  • Will the opportunity lead to improved patient or client care?
  • Will the opportunity contribute to the attainment of the applicant's educational/professional development goals?
  • Will the knowledge gained be shared with other staff at VH/AFG/VHF/VLL?


For out of town travel to a conference or seminar, the applicant must include costs according to the WRHA "Business Travel & Expenses" policy. Note: Local travel is not eligible for reimbursement through this grant.



If you have questions about this grant or the application process, please contact Laney McGregor at [email protected] or (204) 477-3415.