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“The most important things in life aren’t things.” ~Anthony D’Angelo

Pandemic reflections

The past 19 (20?) months have been unlike any other. Reflecting on this period can feel a bit overwhelming. Remember, in March of 2020, when we went from our first presumptive case to a complete provincial lockdown in the span of 19 days?

I feel like I’ve lived several decades since that time; I just want to press ‘pause’ to catch up. I’m not sure when life became so complicated; competing needs/wants/beliefs/desires and trying to stay real, connected, and human through it all. The tiniest things bring me such joy, yet equally small moments can bring me to tears... such are my days. 

The pandemic brought suffering and desolation, but it also taught me courage and humility. Like so many in our community, I experienced the painful loss of a parent this past year. While that loss was not due to COVID, I suffered under the restrictions imposed by COVID. My family wasn't able to gather together to mourn the loss, and our grief was compounded by isolation. Healing happened slowly... eventually, over time, we found new ways to come together.


Today I feel very blessed: by friends, family, and most importantly, my work. I know that the COVID pandemic is more than one person's experience. COVID challenged us to reimagine how we live as one world and one people. 

In my work, I regularly hear from patients and families about the care they've received, the fears they've faced, and the distress they’ve experienced. And I am humbled by the gratitude and support they've extended to staff. The support of others helps sustain us. At some point, I hope that I’ll be able to communicate the importance of that support and the resilience it gives me. In the meantime, it is the daily tasks that keep me focused. 

The pandemic has been my call to action.

  • I believe we can get through this together.
  • I am grateful and blessed by those around me.
  • I believe all cultures and people deserve dignity and respect.
  • I find moments to smile and laugh each day.
  • I will not be consumed by this virus!

“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.” ~ Ivy Baker Priest

Corine Poirier
Patient/Client Relations Officer

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