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Staff Reflections - Dr. Jacquelyn Dirks

I have been so proud at the challenges the Victoria Hospital has overcome these last two years. Despite massive disruptions, interruptions and outbreaks I have watched staff do their utmost to provide excellent care.

Staff Reflections - Ian Carganillo

What could be worse during this pandemic than to see COVID-19 hit those closest to your heart? Last September, my parents got infected with COVID-19 even though they were fully vaccinated back in the Philippines. My dad recovered, but my mom, unfortunately, did not.

Staff Reflections - Danielle Fardoe

I began working at Victoria Hospital not too long ago, in June 2020, in the operating room, right amid all the madness. It was quite the challenge— adjusting to a new job and learning all of these duties and responsibilities while things were constantly changing with COVID.

Staff Reflections - Corine Poirier

“The most important things in life aren’t things.” ~Anthony D’Angelo The past 19 (20?) months have been unlike any other. Reflecting on this period can feel a bit overwhelming. Remember, in March of 2020 we went from our first presumptive case to a complete provincial lockdown in the span of 19 days!

Staff Reflections - Teri Greenwood

I began my COVID journey in March of 2020, with the incredible Victoria Hospital team working to establish a drive-through testing site at MPI-Bison. Once the Bison site was set up and operational, I was asked to continue to support as WRHA Operations Lead for COVID Testing & Assessment with a small but mighty team from WRHA Primary Care Operations.