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Happy Holidays from The Vic Foundation!

2020 has been a year unlike any other. As we celebrated our community’s accomplishments in December 2019, none of us could have predicted the challenges, losses, triumphs, heartbreaks and successes we would face over the next 365 days. It has truly been a year for the history books.

Senior Isolation over the Holidays

No matter what you’re celebrating, the winter holidays usually signify a time of togetherness, a time to see friends and family and to catch up with one another. This holiday season, many of us are disappointed that our usual get-togethers may have to be put on hold. But for many seniors the holidays have often been a time of isolation, even before COVID-19.

Helping Others Cope During COVID-19

You can support your friends, family and co-workers who may be experiencing significant stress and feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, anger, or sadness by simply listening and empathizing with what they're going through.

To be that glimmer of hope, we must be at our best

It’s hard to express what COVID-19 has done to the mental health of so many in our community – but we’re committed to be there for them, no matter what.

Caregivers need to remember to care for themselves

When one steps into the role of a caregiver, it may be unintentional at first. Perhaps it begins with taking a parent to a doctor’s appointment, or picking up some groceries for an elderly neighbor. Caregiving can also begin by necessity without warning, often following a major health incident such as a car accident or stroke. At one point or another in our lives many of us will find ourselves committed to caring for another person – and I know many of us are already on this journey with a loved one.