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How Accessible Healthcare in our Community Changes Lives

It’s an experience of being in good hands, surrounded by capable and friendly professionals who are dedicated to helping you…and a feeling of reassurance, knowing that your health issues are being managed well, so that you can get on with the rest of your life.

Investing in Staff Wellness to Improve Patient Care at ACCESS Fort Garry

Thanks to a grant from Victoria Hospital Foundation, the Social and Wellness Committee at ACCESS Fort Garry is able to organize a range of activities for staff that promote health and wellness. The initiative has been ongoing since last spring, and because of its success, we have recently renewed our support of this committee for the coming year.

Unique Greenspace Opens at Victoria Hospital to Support Mental Wellness

Victoria Hospital Foundation announced the grand opening of the Will and Mavis Tishinski Tranquility Trail to support mental wellness at Victoria Hospital this past Thursday, July 20th. This unique $580,000 donor-funded greenspace is part of a $1.78 million investment by Victoria Hospital Foundation in mental health care at Victoria Hospital.

Healthy Community Partnership Grants Awarded To Improve Access To Care For Manitobans

The Victoria Hospital Foundation, a pillar of healthcare support in Manitoba, and Victoria Lifeline, a leading organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of older adults, are pleased to announce their partnership in establishing the Healthy Community Partnership Grant. Through this grant, with an annual funding pool of $10,000, eligible organizations can acquire essential equipment and support activities or programs that contribute to the overall well-being of older adults and tackle a specific issue that their community members are facing.

New Technology Investment Improves Access to Information and Supports at Winnipeg's Siloam Mission

Community members at Siloam Mission in Winnipeg now have access to new computers and technology aids thanks to a $20,500 grant from Victoria Hospital Foundation’s Community Leveraging Technology For Innovation (CLTI) grant program. Our investment in this new technology was made possible through the generous support of our community.