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Supported Staff, Stronger Community

For Victoria Hospital Foundation, the pandemic elevated our commitment to our community - to our patients, families, and staff. It didn’t take long for the Health and Wellness Committee to realize the importance of staff well-being during the pandemic. The Foundation’s Healthy Community Grant will help the Committee do just that, supporting their work this year and for the next three years to come. The continued emphasis on the health and wellness of frontline healthcare workers has empowered our staff, and supported creativity and innovation in patient care.

Victoria Hospital Foundation Announces $100,000 Canada Life Gift To Support Manitoba Blue Cross Mental Health Assessment Unit

Victoria Hospital Foundation has announced a gift of $100,000 from Canada Life in support of the recently opened Manitoba Blue Cross Mental Health Assessment Unit at Victoria Hospital. This gift represents a significant contribution to the Foundation’s $1.2 million commitment to this project.

Radio Host Dials Up Support For Mental Health At The 7th Annual Miracle Garden Party

Local broadcaster Greg Mackling is well-known to Manitobans as a warm and friendly co-host on 680 CJOB’s The Start. Mackling spends his weekday mornings sharing the stories of our community, but it is his own personal journey of living with a mental health issue that he is now sharing with the hope of helping others.

Roaming With Dignity: How WanderGuard Bracelets Preserve Patient Safety and Autonomy

WanderGuard Blue Bracelets are wristband alert systems that have a proven track record in taking care of patients who suffer from dementia, cognitive impairments and patients with a mental health illness. The bracelets were introduced to Urgent Care in April 2022, decreasing the risk of patients leaving who are at risk of elopement by being installed at all exit points within Urgent Care. The bracelets also improve resources and efficiencies to ensure staff can focus on patient care as it decreases the number of constant care staff required to sit with patients who wander.

Without YOU, None Of This Would Be Possible

As we enjoy the peaceful summer months and long-anticipated return of gathering with family and friends, I feel the warmth of your kindness and its impact on what we have been able to do to enrich the health and well-being of our family, friends and neighbours and of those served by Victoria Hospital.