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My name is Tracy Stople, and I was born at Victoria Hospital and my guess is many of you were also born there! I have to tell you that I feel very privileged to be able to write this letter and thank you for taking the time to read it.

I am writing to tell you about Tranquility Trail at Victoria Hospital and ask you to join me on my journey to bring the therapeutic qualities of nature to family, friends, and neighbours experiencing mental health concerns.

Every dollar of your donation will make Tranquility Trail possible on the grounds of Victoria Hospital.80th Birthday Party 2008 cropped

My mom Jennie was about 45 when she first began experiencing mental distress. The doctors did not provide a specific diagnosis but many years later I learned she was living with schizophrenia. It was in the mid 1970s and mental health wasn’t a topic of discussion, or even understood. My father was not equipped to cope with what was happening to his wife, and my older sister and I were left confused, and often without the mother we loved so dearly.

I was only 9 years old when my mom left the house for in hospital treatment. Many of you reading this may relate to being a child when a close family member was in hospital. It is not easy for a child—my sister and I did not know how to process or understand what was happening to our mother. In the 70s children were not part of the conversation.

Throughout decades of treatments and changing medications, my mother never gave up hope. Even on her darkest days, when she was struggling to express her thoughts and emotions, she still wanted to connect with others. She never forgot a birthday and was an expert at balancing finances. Mom was very generous, and she never let her illness define her.

Did you know that Victoria Hospital has become a leader in the treatment of patients living with mental health concerns in our community? And living is the most important word in that sentence. Research, compassion and the selfless goodwill of individuals and their families are removing the stigma and beginning to shape the right kind of care and support needed.

with mental health concerns can involve multiple care providers and a variety of treatment plans. The spaces and places where this care happens must be welcoming to everyone. It needs to be calming, and it needs to promote wellness and positive experiences.
Tranquility Trail will be one of those spaces.

My mother would have loved it.
 I wish I had the opportunity to explore the trail with my mom. Together, we would admire the butterflies and the native plants that support them and encourage anyone around us to do the same. She would delight in the spaces set aside for activities like painting and yoga. On Tranquility Trail, she would find quiet and peace-of-mind. She would be physically and emotionally free. Free from judgement, free to express herself, and enjoy her surroundings.

To honour her, and so many others, help me make it possible.

Tranquility Trail will be the newest tool to help our healthcare professionals provide
specialized treatment for individuals and their families living with mental health concerns along their journey to mental wellness. Your donation will take treatment, care, and programming outside by creating a beautiful space for healing.

A space that is beautiful, natural and open to experience.
tranquility_trail I was only a child when I took my first steps walking the journey with someone with a mental illness. My life has been enriched by knowing countless individuals who have shared their journeys with me. Please donate to Tranquility Trail today and walk with us.

Thank you for considering a donation and giving the gift of hope and healing.

Tracy Stople
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P.S. Please consider becoming a monthly donor to the Tranquility Trail project and bring this garden to life for the well-being of our community.