New Team Room Helps to Bring Staff Together


If the last several years have taught us anything, it is the invaluable role that healthcare workers play in our community. Your support of Victoria Hospital Foundation is a clear demonstration that you also recognize this importance. Thank you so much for your generosity!  

We ask an awful lot of our healthcare staff at the best of times and rely heavily on them in the worst of times. They are often required to work overtime and double shifts. They frequently skip meal breaks. Sometimes even finding time to use the washroom can be a challenge for these dedicated healthcare providers.

Thanks to your generous support, the staff on the 5th floor of Victoria Hospital now have access to a renovated and refreshed “team room”. This space provides a dedicated space for staff to rest and recharge during their designated break times, yet keeps them nearby in case of an emergency. This improves the quality of care for people accessing care at Victoria Hospital.

Gillian, Director of Health Services at Victoria Hospital, knows well the effect a space like this can have. A similar renovation was done in 2017 on the 4th floor, also funded by generous donations and the impact is clear.
Staff from Unit 5 have been enjoying their breaks with colleagues in their refreshed new space.

This room has improved the working conditions for the staff on that floor in ways we didn’t truly anticipate. It improved employee morale and provided opportunities for team building activities like holiday potlucks and gatherings,” says Gillian.

“Honestly, it made the 4th floor staff the envy of the rest of the hospital,” she says with a laugh. “Now that the 5th floor has a similar space, I anticipate they will experience similar positive effects. I am beyond grateful.

There is now a comfortable sofa for seating or naps, and a table and chairs for staff to eat meals. It is equipped with a fridge, microwave, and enough counter space to house a toaster, kettle, and coffee maker. Most importantly, the room has a sink for washing dishes. This has eliminated the need for paper plates! 

Before the renovation, staff had to use the microwave in the nutrition area on the unit. This often meant that their breaks were interrupted by patients or family members, making it difficult to get even a short respite during their demanding shifts. 

This new space also fulfills other significant functions. Staff use the area during shift changes to share important information with incoming colleagues. It is used for educational sessions and sometimes for meetings with families when a quiet, private space is needed.

What was once a drab and dreary space is now warm and welcoming.

This unit provides care for 59 patients, often older adults, with non-surgical and non-mental health related medical needs. It is a fast-paced, high-demand area of the hospital and can be very stressful. The staff deserved a dedicated area designed specifically for them and your thoughtful support has made it a reality!

Thank you for improving patient care at Victoria Hospital! This space, funded by your donation, is providing the respite staff needs to be more fully present for their patients, and their families.