2023 Healthy Community Partnership Grant Recipients - One Year Later

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” - Margaret J. Wheatley

In today’s world, cultivating a sense of community and belonging for seniors is more important than ever before. In many communities across the province, local senior resource programs and other not-for-profit organizations provide the vital connections seniors need to thrive and live independently. Along with government programs,

non-profit organizations stand as a necessary backbone in our communities. They provide essential services, advocate for those in need, and create a more supportive environment for everyone. Here at Victoria Lifeline and the Victoria Hospital Foundation, we recognize the significant role non-profits play in the well-being of Manitoba seniors and are happy to support organizations that serve our vulnerable older population.

About The Healthy Community Partnership Grant

Recognizing the connection between healthy living and aging safely in place, the Healthy Community Partnership Grant was established to fund initiatives that promote the health and well-being of older adults. For organizations committed to supporting Manitoba's aging population, the Healthy Community Partnership Grant presents a valuable opportunity to make a tangible difference.

By joining forces, Victoria Lifeline and the Victoria Hospital Foundation aim to empower not-for-profits to further their own mission of providing essential services that promote overall health and well-being of older adults. Together, they are dedicated to fostering a thriving and inclusive community where older adults can lead fulfilling lives.

Who Can Apply?

The grant is available to programs serving primarily older adults. Funding can be used to purchase equipment and support activities or programs that promote health and independence. The program prioritizes initiatives that create new activities or services or expand existing ones. Eligible applicants are non-profit community organizations in Manitoba that include older adults in their activities or programming.

Delivering Impact - an update on the 2023 Grant Winners

We're excited to share an update on the 2023 grant recipients and the incredible work they've accomplished!

Good Neighbours Active Living Centrefood pantry

Thanks to the grant, they established a much-needed free food pantry to address food insecurity amongst older adults. Since opening its doors in October 2023, the pantry has served an impressive 30-145 people per operating day, exceeding expectations! Not only does the pantry provide essential food assistance, but it also fosters social connections and combats feelings of isolation among seniors. "Unbelievable that it's free!" remarked Georgie Zacharias, a pantry user. Another user, Scott Paling, added, "Amazing variety and I can't believe how much there is to choose from. It’s great to be able to have things that I don't normally have because of choices on a small budget.” The pantry has quickly become a vital resource for seniors in the community.

Services to Seniors Program Supervisor Megan Wallace is thrilled at the success of the pantry and the feedback from not only the participants but the staff as well. “Pantry users report feeling less stressed, more supported, and grateful for the kindness and acceptance. For us as Coordinators, we too have benefited greatly from being able to offer this program; it brings us joy. The fact that we get to witness the incredible kindness of a community united never fails to impress.”

Bridgepark Manor Inc.

bridgepark manor

The grant funded Wi-Fi Assisted Listening System addresses a critical need for residents who are experiencing hearing loss. This innovative system allows them to connect to the sound system in their multi-purpose room, ensuring they can participate in activities and programs. Bridgepark Manor resident Betty Falk expressed her gratitude, stating, "I could hear much better now and more clearly." That smile really says it all!

The Executive Director of Bridgepark Manor, Bonnie Begalke also expressed her appreciation, “Without the grant, the installation of this sophisticated hardware would not have been possible.” The new sound system has enhanced the overall well-being of residents who can now participate more fully in their community.

Seniors Independent Services from the RM of Prairie Lakes

seniors independent services

The grant helped fund additional equipment for their short-term loan program, specifically catering to those recovering from knee and hip replacement surgeries. This equipment has already helped two residents, like J.S. Box who shared, "It helped me with my pain and get mobile faster." This program is a lifesaver for seniors on a fixed income who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford temporary medical equipment.

Senior Resource Coordinator Myra Jonsson also expressed her gratitude for the grant, “We are so appreciative for the funding, and to be able to make these items available for residents within our R.M. I want to sincerely thank Victoria Lifeline, and the Victoria Hospital Foundation for selecting our grant application from the many they received.”

Bright Outlook for 2024’s Grant

We're incredibly proud of the impact the 2023 Healthy Community Partnership Grant has made on the lives of so many older adults in Manitoba. Stay tuned! We will be announcing the recipients of the 2024 grant program very soon.