Innovative Care

At Victoria Hospital Foundation, driving change through innovation is one of our core values and is central to our culture. We believe in exploring great ideas, fostering collaboration, and embracing technology. It is through innovation that we can maximize our potential to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of our community. We are committed to developing innovative approaches to care to help us achieve our vision of healthier futures for the people in our community. We do this by investing in evidence-based research and practice, new equipment, and technology to advance healthcare into new domains. In partnership with our hospital and other key collaborators, we create innovative approaches and solutions to meet the needs of our community, today and in the future.

Innovative Technology

An important way that we can expand access to care is by equipping healthcare providers with the latest advancements in technology. In partnership with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, we recently invested in a new Connected Care Initiative and funding support for Victoria Lifeline. The Procura AlayaCare Mobile app will give Home Care staff the tools they need to improve client care, safety, and communication. This initiative is designed to increase home care capacity and reduce falls risk, which makes a positive impact on hospitals like Victoria Hospital and supports the transition from hospital to home.



Victoria Hospital is home to a robust surgery program that performs over 15,000 surgeries annually. 

Thanks to supporters like you, Victoria Hospital continues to keep pace with advancements in surgical technology. Through the generosity of our community, Victoria Hospital Foundation invested in technological upgrades to two minimally invasive surgery suites including high-definition cameras, flat-panel monitors, and video-conferencing equipment. But even more impressive than these upgrades is the benefits to patients, which include less pain and scarring, faster recovery times, fewer complications and less risk of infections, and overall a faster return to daily activities. These enhanced suites create efficiencies that allow more surgeries to be scheduled per day. Staff benefit from working in an unencumbered environment with access to the latest technology, which helps Victoria Hospital to attract and retain expert surgeons. 



We are committed to investing in research to help shape the future of healthcare. In 2020, we formed a strategic partnership with Research Manitoba to advance research here in Manitoba and invest in made-in-Manitoba solutions from talented researchers here in our province. The research funded included groundbreaking COVID-19 clinical trials as well as the launch of our first-ever research competition with a focus on projects designed to support mental health and the care of older adults. Through this competition, we invested in new research designed to incorporate traditional Indigenous ways to healing into our bariatric program to improve care as well as new research to improve care for older adults living with mental health concerns.

Your generosity has brought us to where we are today – just imagine where we can go together in the future. Your gift in support of one of the Innovative Care initiatives below or to the Area of Greatest Need will help us transform healthcare today and shape the discovery, development, and delivery of healthcare tomorrow.