Comforting the mind, body and spirit

Miracle Garden

Our Miracle Garden is a restorative community space designed to help heal the mind, body and spirit. There is credible scientific evidence that this type of outdoor setting promotes overall well-being, reduces stress and has significant benefits for psychological, physiological and behavioural health.

This soothing and serene environment provides patients with a space that encourages healing, allowing them to see growth and new life in the midst of their illness or injury. It is a place for a peaceful reflection or a private visit with loved ones, a place for staff to enjoy the beauty of nature during breaks and a place for our entire community to enjoy.

This rejuvenating space would not exist without the generous support of our community, who raised over $1.5 million to ensure this unique space was available for our community.

Find out how you can create a lasting memory in our Miracle Garden.

Darlene Williams Comfort Room

darlene-williams-comfort-roomDarlene Williams was a devoted wife, mother and friend who sadly passed away at Victoria Hospital in 2006 at the age of 41. Her wish was to be remembered as someone who made a difference.

Family visits always took place at her bedside in a room that had minimal space and lacked comfortable seating. Her much anticipated Christmas meal was one that was served out of coolers onto paper plates that were run back and forth to the nurse’s lounge for re-heating.

In Darlene’s honour and in appreciation of the care given by Victoria Hospital, Darlene’s family and friends set out to create the Darlene Williams Comfort Room.

The Darlene Williams Comfort Room is a relaxed space that allows for visits in an environment where families can watch a movie, play a game and have a home-cooked meal together – a home away from home. Research shows that a comfortable environment, along with the support of friends and family, plays a vital role in a patient’s well-being.

To date, more than 270 families have been comforted by the Darlene Williams Comfort Room.

Buhler Cancer Centre Solarium

Through the generous support of our community, Victoria Hospital Foundation has invested $200,000 in the new Buhler Cancer Centre Solarium.

The Solarium is a functional and restorative space for patients and families living with cancer to focus on their healing. This multi-use room is naturally-lit and provides a clear view of the Miracle Garden, allowing patients to connect with nature in a tranquil indoor space. This restorative environment promotes rejuvenation, reflection, and peacefulness.

The Solarium is also a home to the Look Good Feel Better
® program, which provides workshops for women coping with the physical, appearance-based changes that occur during cancer treatment. The complimentary workshops help restore sense of self and confidence.

Patient Comfort Furnishings

The comforts of home during a hospital stay make a profound difference in a patient's healing process, as well-designed patient rooms lead to increased patient satisfaction rates, fewer accidents, lower infection rates, decreases in pain medication and shorter stays. Thanks to our generous supporters, Victoria Hospital Foundation has invested $105,000 in essential patient furnishings for the sub-acute unit at our hospital.


These furnishings have transformed these rooms into a more welcoming and restorative environment for patients and their families. The upgraded furnishings include: a comfortable high-back chair to support posture, a bedside table with accessible storage, and a versatile tray table.


Victoria Hospital strives to meet patient needs, both medically and with a high degree of comfort. The generosity of our community has ensured our hospital is equipped with the necessary furnishings to support the healing and recovery of patients.