Healthy Community Partnership Grants Awarded To Improve Access To Care For Manitobans

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Pictured above: Bonnie Begalke, CEO of Bridgepark Manor & a resident of Bridgepark Manor. 

The Victoria Hospital Foundation, a pillar of healthcare support in Manitoba, and Victoria Lifeline, a leading organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of older adults, are pleased to announce their partnership in establishing the Healthy Community Partnership Grant.

Through this grant, with an annual funding pool of $10,000, eligible organizations can acquire essential equipment and support activities or programs that contribute to the overall well-being of older adults and tackle a specific issue that their community members are facing. The funds are carefully dispersed based on a comprehensive evaluation of various criteria, ensuring the utmost effectiveness and impact. 

For organizations committed to supporting the aging population in Manitoba, the Healthy Community Partnership Grant presents a valuable opportunity to make a tangible difference. By joining forces, Victoria Lifeline and the Victoria Hospital Foundation aim to empower not-for-profits to further their mission of providing essential services that promote the overall health and well-being of older adults. Together, they are dedicated to fostering a thriving and inclusive community where older adults can lead fulfilling lives. 

A total of three grants have been awarded to Manitoba not-for-profit organizations:

• Good Neighbours Active Living Centre (Winnipeg)
• Bridgepark Manor Inc (Steinbach)
• Seniors Independent Services (RM of Prairie Lakes) 

Seniors Independent Services- Prairie Lakes

Pictured above: users of the Senior's Independent Services Equipment Loan Program.

Projects funded through these three grants include;

Establishing a much-needed Food Pantry specifically aimed to address food security for older adults;
• Enhance the audio experience for hard-of-hearing individuals using a Wi-Fi system enabling them to take part in various social events and gatherings, helping to combat social isolation;
• Funding an Equipment Loan Program, which provides short-term loans of clean and safe medical equipment to older adults and individuals with disabilities at no cost.

Good Neighbours Active Living Centre was started by seniors for seniors. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for older adults by providing programs, services, and opportunities for social interaction that contribute to overall well-being and a sense of community. Megan Wallace, the Supports to Seniors Supervisor with Good Neighbours, highlighted the importance of food security for older adults, “Our seniors cannot afford their housing, medication, food, and transportation; different days finds them sacrificing one thing or the other in order to survive. This funding will drastically impact our ability to jump-start the project and bring food and education about healthy eating to the community that is desperately needed.” 

Good Neighbors Active Living Centre

Pictured above: residents of Good Neighbours Active Living Centre accessing the Food Pantry.

Victoria Lifeline
and the Victoria Hospital Foundation share a collaborative relationship focused on supporting the well-being and safety of the community. While Victoria Lifeline specializes in providing personal emergency response systems and other safety products to Manitoba, the Victoria Hospital Foundation is dedicated to raising funds and investing in initiatives that enhance healthcare services. Through their partnership, Victoria Lifeline proceeds go directly to the Hospital Foundation. Their grant supports their mission to raise funds for initiatives that enrich the health and well-being of community members. The Victoria Hospital Foundation and Victoria Lifeline are committed to supporting, enhancing, and transforming mental health care and the care of older adults across the continuum of care.