How Accessible Healthcare in our Community Changes Lives

Dennis Rogers was first introduced to our community partner, ACCESS Fort Garry (AFG) in 2020, after being referred by a wound care specialist at Victoria Hospital. Known as one of the leading locations for providing exceptional homecare in our community, the teams at ACCESS Fort Garry have made a critical difference in Dennis’ life over the past three years, and continue to provide him with life-changing care.

“It’s an experience of being in good hands, surrounded by capable and friendly professionals who are dedicated to helping you…and a feeling of reassurance, knowing that your health issues are being managed well, so that you can get on with the rest of your life.” – Dennis Rogers

From the support of his wonderful family physician, to the treatment he regularly receives  at AFG, Dennis has experienced many different aspects of healthcare in our community, and sees first-hand the care, empathy, and kindness that the AFG staff show to every single patient that walks through their doors. His treatments allow him to remain active, mobile, and working – something that he is truly grateful for.


Dennis visits AFG three times per week for treatment of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) in his lower legs, where the skin is fragile and subject to frequent breakdown. CVI occurs when the veins in the legs are damaged and can’t manage blood flow, making it harder for the blood to return to the heart from the legs. This disease affects 1 in 20 adults, and requires consistent monitoring and attention. Without the proper routines and treatment, his CVI could cause a significant disruption in his life. If left untreated, CVI raises the pressure in the leg veins so much, that it can cause capillary blood vessels to burst.

When reflecting on the care that he receives at AFG, Dennis praised his Home Care nursing team for their vigilance in mitigating infections, ensuring that small problems are addressed before they become bigger issues. On several occasions, when he has had a wound that showed signs of infection, the Home Care nurses simply called in one of the health care providers from the AFG Walk-In Connected Care Clinic next door, to provide an assessment and a prescription, if necessary.

A vital part of the treatment that Dennis receives from the nurses at AFG is getting his legs  wrapped with Coban bandages, to help heal existing wounds and prevent new ones. This keeps wounds under control and over time, helps to heal them, alleviates swelling and drainage, and even helps improve mobility. Without this treatment, Dennis couldn’t perform his duties at work with confidence, and would be at risk of infection and more serious health problems.


Why choose ACCESS Fort Garry?  AFG is a renowned centre for Home Care within the South Winnipeg Community, and this is where Dennis was referred to after his initial diagnosis. Thanks to the team at AFG, the referral process for Dennis has been greatly simplified. Now, when issues arise, he can be evaluated for re-admission by health care providers at the Walk-In Connected Care Clinic, which is next door to be Home Care Clinic. Because all these services are in one place, re-admission is a much quicker and easier process—which in healthcare, makes a significant difference for both patients and staff.

For Dennis, the coordination of services keeps his treatment process quick, effective and easy, compared to an examination at an external location where all the correct supplies might not be readily available.

When asked about his nurses, Dennis had nothing but good things to say. “They’re all extremely knowledgeable, capable, and skilled. Wound care is a complex and difficult area of practice, and the AFG nurses’ proficiency and passion for their work is reflected in the improved health outcomes I’ve experienced.”


The thing that has stood out most to Dennis since the beginning of his treatments at AFG, is how much hard work and coordination it takes to provide healthcare services to the community. When reflecting on his experience, he noted in particular the “outstanding quality of the work that ACCESS Fort Garry and the Victoria Hospital Foundation are doing.”  He added, “The demands for this work are increasing tremendously, as our population ages. ACCESS Fort Garry and the Victoria Hospital Foundation are doing great work, but they also need our support!”

After learning more about the connection between ACCESS Fort Garry and the Victoria Hospital Foundation, Dennis was glad to see the focus placed on employee development and well-being initiatives, especially since he sees first-hand the demands on healthcare workers and the hard work that they do for our community every day.  

While the AFG building, with its iconic green and blue stripes, may be a familiar sight to many, Dennis would like to help to spread the word about the wide range of services offered inside and the exceptional staff that keep the centre running smoothly. From Primary Care, to Walk-In Connected Care and Home Care, he believes that having all of these resources under one roof is an innovative and better-coordinated way to provide healthcare in our community.

 “Going to ACCESS Fort Garry has given me a first-hand look at the sheer energy that’s required for the work they do.” - Dennis Rogers

Dennis’s humble nature means he doesn’t think that his story is remarkable or exceptional. He’d rather his story reflect the positive health care experience he receives at AFG so he can share it with the many people in our community, and relate to others who have also had great experiences with AFG. It’s a great story to tell, one that recognizes the remarkable healthcare professionals at AFG.

For Dennis, the chance to let everyone know what an amazing group of people are working at ACCESS Fort Garry was important. “They are extremely professional and hard-working, but also incredibly warm, kind, and thoughtful. It’s a bright spot in our community, a hopeful and friendly place that’s an invaluable resource, respite, and game-changer for so many of us.”

 ACCESS Fort Garry is a life-changing centre for many individuals in our community, and the Victoria Hospital Foundation is proud to invest in accessible care at such an incredible facility that makes a difference in lives of people like Dennis. To find out more information about ACCESS Fort Garry, please visit their webpage; if you are interested in learning more about how to access primary care at AFG please contact the Family Doctor Finder. The Walk-In Connected Care Clinic is available to the general public on a walk-in basis to meet unexpected health care needs during times when it is difficult to see your regular care provider; for information on hours and wait times check ACCESS Fort Garry | Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (

Victoria Hospital Foundation’s Grateful Patient & Families Program allows patients like Dennis and their families to show their gratitude for the exceptional care they have received while at Victoria Hospital or ACCESS Fort Garry. It can be your way to thank the doctors, nurses, and healthcare teams for being there for you, and enable us to create healthier futures for everyone in our community. Learn more about how you can support our Grateful Patient & Families Program.