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A Story of Giving Back

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Once per week, Diane Silverthorne commutes 90 minutes to Winnipeg from her home at Hillside Beach to volunteer at Victoria Lifeline. Victoria Lifeline is Manitoba's number one medical alert service, providing thousands of clients with the security of innovative fall prevention technology.

It's been five years since she retired as Director of Victoria Lifeline, and Diane continues to stay involved with the organization by volunteering. As Director for nine years, Diane always valued the time she was able to spend working closely with clients. Now, as a weekly volunteer, she is able to connect with clients regularly when installing Lifeline devices.

"It's always such a nice thing to do," said Diane. "I make a whole day of it, and it's something that I look forward to every week."

When Diane is not volunteering, she is finding other ways to give back to the community in a creative way. An avid photographer, Diane uses the photographs she takes and crafts them into greeting cards. For every card sold, $1 is donated to charity.

As a longtime supporter of Victoria General Hospital Foundation and Victoria Lifeline, proceeds from Diane's card sales support Victoria Lifeline and their services, including the subsidy program.

The Victoria Lifeline Subsidy Program provides medical alarms to eligible individuals at a subsidized rate, ensuring that all Manitobans are able to receive the potentially life-changing service.

"It's an absolute truth that there are people who truly need Lifeline services but can't afford it," said Diane. It's this demand, and her personal connection to Victoria Lifeline that inspired her donations.

Victoria Lifeline helps Manitobans live safe and independent lives with their innovative technology and services. For more information, visit Victoria Lifeline.